2017 Masters Odds & Predictions

The 2017 Masters Tournament is still months away (mark April 6th through April 9th for your calendar). It’s not too early to predict possible winners. BetFirm has preliminary odds on who will win. We’ll learn more about the contenders and long shots from the upcoming FedEx Cup events, and the Ryder Cup. Historically, the Masters hasn’t been kind to “come from nowhere winners” and golf at this level is dominated by consistency of preparation and execution.

BetFirm’s initial odds makers currently favor the trio of Jason Day, Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy, all of whom are pulling in 8-1 odds of taking home the green jacket from Augusta National. Jason Day has the strongest game of the three. McIlroy is getting older, and his wedge game is suffering for it. Jordan Speith’s technique is unconventional, and he’s the youngest of the top three. if there’s anything we’ve learned about unconventional golf swings, it’s that their success can flame out at any time; Speith is reportedly being coached into a more conventional (and more energy efficient) swing in preparation for the Masters.

There’s nearly seven months until the Masters. Injuries happen, and up-and-comers can get into the zone. Just because Day, Speith and McIlroy are all favorites doesn’t mean that the rest of the field isn’t worth considering, and the 8-1 odds are a decent hedge. Expect BetFirm to tighten the odds as we get closer to tee time.

Outside those three favorites, there are the longer shots. Dustin Johnson has the power and the precision to do well at the Masters; he’s working hard on mastery of his form and being consistent. He’s currently listed as a 12-1 by BetFirm, and depending on how he does at the FedEx cups, might match Rory McIlroy’s odds come spring.

Bubba Watson is also on the bubble for entry into that top tier. BetFirm has him at 16-1. He doesn’t have Johnson’s swing and drive distance, but he’s a bit more consistent and able to drive the ball with accuracy.

Other favorites in this group include Adam Scott at 20-1, Rickie Fowler at 22-1, and old stalwart Phil Mickelson at 25-1. Justin Rose is also rated at a 25-1. I expect the narratives will talk about Mickelson fighting off the challenges of younger contenders, and those aforementioned younger contenders, such as Johnson and Watson, fighting for ‘respect’. Anyone who makes the Masters can play, and at this level of the sport, the skillsets are all phenomenal. I’ll be rooting for Mickelson out of this group out of a bit of old sentimentality for old “Lefty.”

If you’re looking for the true long shots, they start with Danny Willett and Henrik Stenson. Betfirm has both at 28-1. Paul Casey, who was ranked fifth overall on the PGA Tour last year, is tied with Brand Snedeker at 50-1 odds. In between them, BetFirm has rated Hideki Matsuyama at 33-1, and Charl Schwartzel, who won the Masters in 2011, at 40-1, along with Louis Oosthuizen.

Matsuyama is capable of winning any tournament he enters, it depends on what type of day he’s having. His “good days” result in phenomenal ball placement and strategic play. Schwartzel played the weekend of his life at the Masters in 2011, but hasn’t matched that level of play since.

Down past the long shots, we’ve got prior champions who are media brands, like Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods. This is where BetFirm’s odds-making doesn’t match reality. Woods should be about a 250-1, or maybe a 200-1 to win the Masters if you’re being generous. BetFirm has him, as well as Sergio Garcia and Brooks Kopka at 66-1.

In the end, I expect Jason Day to win the Masters, and I’d probably put long shot money on Dustin Johnson. Johnson will probably be mentioned along with Day and McIlroy and Speith by the time April rolls around.

If I were aiming for true shot in the dark betting odds, I’d probably put a bet down on Matsuyama. He has the potential to pull off a weekend of otherworldly golf, but he can’t do it consistently. I wouldn’t bet on Woods. His back is injured, and with the new reality of his back injury, he doesn’t have the crazy driving distance he used to have. Even at 66-1, BetFirm is being overly generous..

Best Gambling Games for Golfers

While some people love summer golf, I think fall is the best golfing season. Golf gambling is probably one of the most fascinating aspects of golf. Some people argue that golfing takes too long, hence is boring. To add some fun into the game, I suggest that you throw some money on it. This will probably give you a valid reason to care about golfing.

I am tempted to liken golfing and gambling to baked potato and steak. This is because the two go hand in hand and are inseparable for some golf players and fans. Golf-related Gambling games allow you to bet against your fellow players, hence add fun to the game. There are many variances that I personally like, but the following are some of the best golf gambling games I have come across so far.


Nassau is my most favorite golf gambling game. The game features three bets, including the back nine, the front nine as well as the total for each round. The game allows players to take part as a team as individuals. To play the game, you set your preferred bet dollar amount. For instance, you can set the amount to $1. In this case, you will lose a total of $3 if you lost all the three matches.

You may also wager an equal amount through a press bet—a bet that is concurrent to the original wager, in Nassau. Based on experience, I think it is wise to avoid automatic presses as they can make you los a lot on a bad day. Additionally, you it is not a must for you to accept press requests from your opponents.


This golf gambling game may only be played by four players, with each player playing his/her own ball. When playing Wolf, the objective is to collect the most points during a round. Initially, the game requires the players to decide on the order of play at the first tee. The last player for each round is the wolf. The play order has to be rotated at each tee to ensure that each of the players becomes a wolf by the end of the game.

After the other three players have hit their shot for the tee, the wolf decided whether to take any of the players to make a team or not. The last player for each tee can play as a ‘Lone Wolf’. In this regard the Lone Wolf’s objective is to have the lowest net score for that hole. The scoring for wolf can be complicated. Here is a breakdown of how it is done.

• If the Wolf has won the hole, he/she gets four points.
• If all the players had placed the Lone Wolf bet, all the players (other than the Wolf) get one point.
• If the non-Wolf players happen to win the hole, each of them is awarded three pints.
• If the Wolf had chosen a partner and the team has the lowest score, each of the two partners is awarded two pints.


This gambling game for golfers requires players to assign a pint, which is the dollar value for the bet, to each skin (hole). To win in this game, a player is supposed to have the lowest score in the group. In the event that your winning score ties with that of another player, you may decide to carry over the additional skin to the next hole. In such a case, you end up increasing the point value. What I love about skins is the fact that you can win the game after screwing up on the first five, but winning the sixth hole. In such a case, the scores on the first five holes are halved.

Sixes (Round Robin)

I personally love this golf gambling game because you can lose for the first six holes, but still have the opportunity to straighten things up on the remaining 12 holes. The game may only be played by four players and requires you to exchange partners after every six holes. This game also offers its players a variety of formats, with an opportunity to change the format after every six holes. In this game, you place a bet for every six holes.

Basically, golf is about having fun and nothing can make it more interesting than playing for something. Additionally, golf betting enhances the competitive spirit among players.

How to Bet on Golf Events

Many people do not think of golf as a sport that they can bet on. There are several different ways to bet on this game. A person can wager as to which player is going to win the tournament. This is a weekly occurrence for the PGA Tour, but also more minor circuits as well.  They can also bet on if their player is going to be in the top three or what golfers will finish with better scores than others. This will help keep the betting fun and exciting.

Before playing a bet the gambler will get to see what the chances of the players winning are. They will often see the name of the player than after then something that looks similar to +300. The odds that are listen are the money line bets. They tell how much a person will win for every dollar that they bet. For example for every $10 a person bets they can have the chance of winning $15 based on the score of the player. This can give them the chance to win a lot of money.

Many golf tournaments will allow a person to bet on the Field. This is betting on all of the golfers besides the ones that are in the sport books. It is recommended to avoid betting on golfers that have the least opportunity to win or to place.
One of the most common bets in golf is the head to head finish. This is a bet between two players to see which one will finish in a higher position. Neither of them have to win the tournament, one player just has to score higher than the other. For example the bet will look similar to this example:

Tiger Woods -190
Steve Stricker +150

This means if Woods finishes in a better position then Stricker the and a person bets$19 they will only win $10. If the bet on Stricker to come ahead of Woods and he does they will get $15 for every $10 that they bet. While Woods is a good golfer in this case it may not be worth the money to bet on him. In fact a person would end up losing money if they bet on Woods in this situation.

The Grand Slam event will offer addition opportunities for a person to bet on the game of golf. They can bet in several different areas including the score of the winner, if the leader in the first round will end up winning the tournament, and if they will be any golfer that is able to make a hole in one. This will keep the game exciting and a person will be able to bet on what happens during the event. Instead of worry about who will win the game the gambler can have some fun watching the game.

While golf wagering is not as popular as betting in some sports a person can have a lot of fun. They can learn how to bet on this sport and can pick up the different types of bets as well as the odds without a problem.

Betting on the 2016 Ryder Cup Event

The United States has held a consistent competition with the European Union over the years called the Ryder Cup.  In 2016 the event will be held in Minnesota. Hazeltine is the site and should play host to an exciting event. Golf attracts some of the best talent in the world. Insiders expect the USA to field some of its best golfers yet. That will be stiff competition for the European hopefuls at the tournament. Follow the action live and even place bets on the best golfing professionals. There are realistic odds that keep players following the action live. Excited fans will no doubt be pulling for their favorite to win it all.

How To Check With Odds Makers

Different venues will assign odds for these golfing events. The 2016 Ryder Cup should attract plenty of attention worldwide. Professional golfers have name recognition and a sizable fan base. There are many different ways to bet on the event itself. Of course, fans could place a bet on the outright winner. The day-by-day winner is another novel way to successfully place a bet. Follow the action live on television or online. Different sites will be placing odds for their favorite with the Ryder Cup 2016 attendees.

Follow Individual Players

Outstanding golfers will include Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. They could be the outright winner of the entire tournament. Longtime fans will no doubt be following their name recognition. But a win at the tournament could improve their standing in the community. Jordan Spieth may win his singles match, with odds of 8/13 for the tourney.

Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy has odds of 4/7 to win the singles match itself. These players will have an impact on the tournament at large. They likely want to help their own team in whatever way possible.

Follow Singles Winner

The USA or Europe could be listed as singles winner. USA has odds of about 8/11 to become singles winner. Europe has better overall odds, being rated as 6/4 to attain singles winner. That could determine the tournament itself and crown a new champion. USA is a hopeful and has plenty of talent to field. But Europe has traditionally been a tough opponent to face. The USA will benefit from the Minnesota location of the tourney match. Coverage of the event will showcase the course and its splendid views around the area for fans.

Bet According To Talent

Insiders predict that the USA will be fielding its best team yet. That should draw a sizable number of bets their way. Better players could mean that the USA will win the overall tournament. That also dramatizes the 2016 Ryder Cup in all. Europe is expected to field a staunch opposition during the match. That explains the narrow odds that each team has looking forward. Going in to the event, it is difficult to predict an outright winner. But the 2016 Ryder Cup is still a spectacular event nonetheless. Guests will be invited to see some of the world’s best golfers.

Coveted Awards At The Event

Every player wants to lift the trophy during the event. The USA will be hoping to notch another important victory. There are odds on who will ultimately lift the trophy after the 2016 Ryder Cup. In Minnesota, the USA has 8/13 odds to lift the trophy for themselves. The Europeans have 5/4 odds to lift the trophy after the event ends. Both sides want a chance to emerge victorious and keep themselves competitive. A trophy from the 2016 Ryder Cup is a great way to achieve prominence.

Other Ways To Bet On The Event

In golf, there are other popular ways to bet on the events. The 2016 Ryder Cup will introduce several popular betting options for players to consider. Day 1 winner is listed as the event unfolds. There are odds posted online for who may emerge as the Day 1 winner. Both the USA and European players have good odds at starting strong. Singles winner is a popular choice for athletes as well. Experienced bettors will want to identify talented players and choose which one may win the 2016 Ryder Cup.